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Wardrobe Greats for Under $100

Thought I would share a favorite set with you. This collection is a great layered wardrobe for just about anything you need it to be. You don’t have to be in school, or college, this is good for any outdoor activity too. How about a concert in the park!

Best part, is it is all under $100, so you won’t break your budget!

outfits under £100


Change of Polyvore Feed

UPDATE: Well it looks like the feeds from Polyvore don’t agree with the theme from my Fashion Design site! Go figure. I don’t want to change the theme there because it so perfectly matches the website, and I worked hard on it 😉

So with that said, I am returning the Polyvore feeds back to this blog effective now!

Thanks for playing lol!



Hello lovely readers and followers.

I wanted to let you know, if you are following this blog, especially for the Polyvore feeds, I have switched those feeds to my Noir Fashion Designs blog here on WordPress.

This blog will still be updating from it’s other sources, but I would really love it if all of you would follow my Noir Boutique Blog.

I have new Doctor Who designs as well, you should go check them out!

I Love Doctor Who


Doctor Who Inspired Swimwear

I know it’s still winter, but this week we had some high 60’s weather, and really sunny days. It inspired me to wish it was swimsuit season.

If I were traveling in the TARDIS, I could be on any sunny beach I wanted to, but I created some special Doctor Who themed swimsuits instead!

Love em! Buy them below, just choose your size and add to the cart!

You will be one of the special ones to have this on the beach or poolside.



Check all my designs out at the my PAOM shop…..

Fine Tuned Fashion

Designer Fashions Don’t Have To Be Expensive

One of the best ways to get high fashion, designer brands for next to nothing, is to shop resale.  I used to own a resale boutique in Los Angeles in the 80’s, and the gorgeous items that came through my store were amazing, and so hard for me not to buy them all myself lol!

Now you don’t even have to leave your home to shop resale, there are many places to serve you these wonderful deals. One the ones I like best is Luxury Resale Online where you can find everything from Chanel to Louis Vuitton.


Luxury Resale Network LLC