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A traveler in time and space ~ ~ A Vintage ~ ~ ~ and Fashion Clotheshorse ~ ~ A complicated person ~ ~ An artist ~ and healer ~ ~ I’m an artist and an ex-entertainer I create and sell commercial use digital resources for artists and designers, publish several online publications, and maintain more than 2 dozen websites across the internet. I have been in and out of the music industry for over 40 years. Beginning as an entertainer, I have done everything from production and promotion, to booking and management. While living in Los Angeles for many years, I worked within the field of music, film and tv. I also dealt in vintage and collectibles, as well as owned a designer resale and vintage boutique where I sold and rented high end clothing and costumes to the studios for movies and tv. I also manufactured my own small clothing line from upstairs in that store. Now I spend most of my time creating art, and building and maintaining websites. Sojournstar aka Angela Hobbs is an ex entertainer and performer, who traveled the road for many years. Lived in Los Angeles, & worked within the film, tv, and video business, among other things, and was an asst. dresser to costume designer Judy Evans, on Benson and Golden Girls (rip Rue, Bea, and Estelle) as an on call stylist for several years. Sojournstar loves fashion, and is completely in love with costuming, (Bob Mackie was one of my favorites) as well as period and vintage clothing. Show and stage clothing is a big passion, as well as art and graphics. Bragging rights I was born, I live!

7 Fashion Bloggers Who Use WordPress – A Prettier Web

An insert from a very good read…. short tempter ahead!

I’ve put together a list of 7 fashion bloggers who use WordPress with details about their theme, host and plugins they use. I’m a big fan of fashion bloggers. A Sunday morning in bed with my iPad browsing fashion blogs and doing a bit of online shopping is the best thing. Well, today, I got inspiration to round up some of my favourites and show you a little ‘behind the scenes’ with how they are using WordPress to run their beautiful fashion blogs. Note that all the sites listed are using a self hosted WordPress site (not   1. Happily

Source: 7 Fashion Bloggers Who Use WordPress – A Prettier Web

Designer Fashions Don’t Have To Be Expensive

One of the best ways to get high fashion, designer brands for next to nothing, is to shop resale.  I used to own a resale boutique in Los Angeles in the 80’s, and the gorgeous items that came through my store were amazing, and so hard for me not to buy them all myself lol!

Now you don’t even have to leave your home to shop resale, there are many places to serve you these wonderful deals. One the ones I like best is Luxury Resale Online where you can find everything from Chanel to Louis Vuitton.


Luxury Resale Network LLC